I have started working in the textile world after my dissertation on creativity management in textile industries. I want to demonstrate that creativity is not limited to artist, artisan himself is an artist as well, through problem solving, through continue working on the machinery and through its mechanical genius.
Diderot wrote the Encyclopedia of Arts and Crafts and we love him for his double attitude, both rational and creative. He described the figure of a clever artisan and a mechanical artist giving a new perspective on these roles.
Nowadays especially we think it is necessary to combine head with hands. This is why our products are double-sided and why we use the story about the red gown to remind our customers that our choises are important.

"One day, Denis Diderot, received a beautiful red nightgown, made of extraordinary craftsmanship. He distractedly hung it behind the door, convinced that it wasn’t appropriate to his unpretentious lifestyle. Day after day, however, sitting down to work, he was troubled by the contrast between the nightgown elegance and the negligence of his room. Astonished, he decided to surrender to the beauty of that present, making consistent with it, not only the environment around him but his own lifestyle too. This is called in sociology “Diderot Effect”.

We love to think that Diderot products can be like that gown: looks like they may have nothing to do with your lifestyle, but try to take one with you..